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About Tyla

Ngai Tahu, Ngāti Porou, Te Atiawa

City Councillor, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker

Hailing from Ōtautahi, Christchurch, Tyla has been deeply immersed in various communities from a very early age. Fuelled by a profound passion for action, social equity, business, and youth advocacy, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey at the age of 21. Now an elected member residing in Christchurch, he cherishes his daily life with his daughter, Anayah Noor, and his wife, Saba. Tyla is the first Muslim elected councillor in the history of the Christchurch City Council. 

As he journeyed into his 30s, he traversed the globe, from Germany and Japan to Australia, the UAE, and the USA. The purpose of his travels was to engage with diverse audiences, young and old, instilling in them the significance of community, resilience, humanity, and self-development in various domains such as sports, business, nonprofit organizations, and community development.

His own lived experiences have allowed him to form profound connections with people through public speaking engagements, workshops, youth engagements, governance panels, and numerous initiatives.

Professionally, he has garnered extensive experience across various fields. At present, he is the city councillor for Christchurch; he holds directorship roles in two businesses.


Crossover Coach, his first venture, is a youth-centric basketball business aimed at providing equitable access to sports in underprivileged areas. Additionally, he operates a consultancy business committed to fostering cultural competency and providing funding advice to organizations of all sizes. His past roles have spanned from trades, local government, consulting and youth work. 

His resilience has been tested in the wake of many events in his life and rather than succumbing to these hardships, he channelled his energy into aiding others through his family and community. His commitment to his community and family has propelled him to act as a new City Councillor for his city. 

In the realm of governance, he is actively engaged in council committees, the city portfolio lead for multiculturalism and youth, and he contributes as a member of a local youth advisory panel and the World Muslim Communities Council. His influence and commitment extend to numerous other committees across Christchurch and abroad. 

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