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Policies & Initiatives

How we can act on major issues

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City in a Park Policy

Let's get green

Realising the City in a Park vision
Committing to making Christchurch a world leading environmental city.
The People's Choice in Christchurch Local Government will work to make the vision of ‘A City in a Park’ a reality, increasing tree cover over time to 50% starting with suburbs where tree canopy cover is currently lowest. Ensuring every child in urban Christchurch has access to a park with trees and a playground within short walking distance. Support, with funding, Predator-free Port Hills, and Pest Free Banks Peninsula.

Public Transport Action Policy

Time for some choice

The answer to our accessibility issues across Ōtautahi Christchurch include a multifaceted and accessible public transport system. Climate action is extremely necessary, and it’s about time we stepped up as a city and innovated. Therefore, we have announced:
Connecting Christchurch
Securing an affordable Mass Rapid Transit system for Christchurch.
The People's Choice in Christchurch Local Government will cap fares at $2 and work collaboratively to ensure that Greater Christchurch puts forward a funded business case to central government for an accessible, sustainable, public mass rapid transit system, including light rail.

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Keeping our babies safe in the water

Swimming literacy should be a right in Aotearoa New Zealand. More and more whānau are losing the ability to swim by the generation. Want to know what the ironic part of this is? We are literally two islands that are wrapped around water. We should be confident in our pools, rivers and beaches throughout our generations to safeguard our tamariki and rangatahi. Therefore, we have announced:
Providing free swims and swimming lessons for kids
Giving access and education to keep kids safe in and around the water.
The People's Choice in Christchurch Local Government will work towards ensuring that all children (under 16) can access CCC public pools for free and receive free swimming lessons.


Tyla's vision for real climate action

The council have an obligation not only to lead from the front on their position on the climate emergency but to create a cultural shift across the city.
The cultural shift isn’t done in a term but by setting a precedent for intergenerational climate consciousness. They have started the process towards this by creating cycle lanes, changing their public transport electric and turning their buildings green (including ECan). They have also made the big concrete stadium ‘green’ by providing alternative means of transport and having no parking on the premises.
Here’s where we can do better and SHOULD do better. To create further action on the climate emergency:
1. Providing resourcing to community groups to lower their carbon footprint and create climate action plans.
2. Change the messaging and marketing to show the value of going green to the residents. And potentially incentivise residents to go green.
3. Act upon the climate action plan. It’s easy to write a strong policy and charter- but acting upon it and getting buy-in from other councillors is of the highest importance.
4. All council staff and affiliated companies use reusable or compostable materials. All meetings should be paperless.

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