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Tyla's initiatives to address issues and concerns

Let's talk about it.

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We are finding ourselves in a position where we can no longer afford to build outwards. We need to strategise to build with a climate conscience and to always put our residents needs at the forefront. Planning cannot mean a 'one size fits all' model, it requires change, innovation and a strong commitment to urbanising spaces and places. Tyla's minimum requirements would include building green spaces and pocket parks within 5 minutes walk, encouraging services such as shops to provide services within the area and a strong commitment to improving current green spaces to beautify areas. This would improve social cohesion, neighbourliness and keeping our streets clean. We need targeted and considered planning.

Cycle Lanes

Our cycle lanes have been a strong talking point as of late. Public consultation statistics have shown strong backing for this new form of transport. Diversifying and offering more safer alternatives is good for our communities and improves our carbon footprint, our physical and mental well-being and our connection with our wee ones. It's essential that all avenues of consultation have been used to ensure all of the communities' voices. 
This is about intergenerational change, participation and playing the long game. Cities from all around the world have welcomed an intertwined social construct which includes a mixture of foot, cycle and vehicle traffic.

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Kids in Preschool

Our Tamariki

From a report provided by the council (2018), Riccarton is known as one of the most deprived wards in the city. Out of a total of 21 green spaces, only 12 have things for our kids to enjoy. Tyla would advocate for 'Cashmere-level' spaces for his ward which would include things for all of the family to enjoy. This would include electronic BBQs, picnic areas, green tree cover and playgrounds for all youth.

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A safe community means a connected community. We need to emphasise proper lighting in ALL streets in Riccarton, more funding for community watch and provide resources in networking for our local volunteers.
Our bus exchange safety plan will require a multi faceted approach. This will include adding a hangout space that includes entertainment areas, charging stations, more high-level cameras, better lighting in collaboration with Westfield mall.


We need to support business by enabling easier access, planning parking in close proximities to business areas, providing localised business development opportunities and workshops and meeting with our businesses regularly.

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School Bus & Children


Consenting needs to be optimised. With the large amount of requests we need to continue to add capacity and do our best to streamline processes. 

Planning needs a revamp, our city and ward cannot be built from a 'cookie-cutter' model but through a well thought through and considered approach which includes every single active member in our society. 

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Climate Action

Council have an obligation to neutralise their carbon footprint in this climate emergency. We must have a multifaceted approach to addressing climate change. This includes all PT going electric, providing resource to community groups to 'go green', having resources that are publicly available to residents and all council owned buildings to be carbon neutral.


Riccarton have rated leadership in their ward a mere 2 out of 5. There is much to do in Riccarton. We must step up, hold ourselves accountable, be honest, open and available to our residents. Most importantly, the next councillor must listen to all voices from all four corners of Ōtautahi Christchurch. Not above you, not below you, always beside you.

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Our seniors are the backbone of our community, they provide knowledge, insight and experience in all aspects of life. Council must continue to look out for our seniors by being inclusive of community groups such as residents associations, grey power and many more groups. Their voice is strong and respected and council will need to ensure safe footpaths, visible crossings, safer roads and accessible service centres.

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Our young people need our support, we need to provide more activities and provide a youth space where our rangatahi can be themselves unapologetically. This initiative would be designed by the youth, for the youth. It's not up to the aged generation to make decisions for our youth. It is up to the young people themselves.

Young people are our future, they will be our leaders and decision-makers of the future. We must care for and enhance their aspirations and goals through leadership initiatives, community events and internships. 


In Riccarton, it is estimated that we have approximately 12,000 students living in our ward. Their voice matters, they matter. As renters, they strongly contribute to our homeowners livelihoods and to the energy in Riccarton. It's essential that we connect, listen and work alongside students to ensure that council listens to all of it's residents. Tyla would ensure that the student voice is heard by meeting monthly to improve the relationship with his students.

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Council Spending and Priorities

We are in an extremely volatile economic environment. Ratepayers deserve to know exactly where their money goes and they need to know the 'why' behind every single line. Our ratepayers should have a say in every aspect of council spend. Council must ensure complete transparency and openness in all stages of budgeting and long term plans. Tyla would prioritise investment in: 
1. Infrastructure - with the goal of a pre quake city
2. Services - Maintaining our libraries and pools
3. Community - proving resource for community events and capacity building

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